Speak English

What is Speak English?

Haven’t you so far struggled too much in the label of English? Let it be Grammar, Vocabulary, Structure.

In a world of competition and competence, it has become inescapable to learn things and live following them. English is such a language which has high demand nowadays. And it has become necessary for a man to learn and understand it without any failure. English is the language that should be learned and practiced without any excuse. By this course, assures speaking and learn English without any grammatical errors and misconceptions.

Our Spoken English course SPEAK ENGLISH is exclusively composed to make English comfortable in every aspect. With the advent of online education, everything has become easier now. Speak English is an online Spoken English course with certified and efficient trainers to make learning easier and comfortable from home itself. The complete syllabus is structured in a way to comprehend the language in an effortless way. This course offers all the phases of the English language to make more confident in the English language.

  • Flexible Time Schedules.
  • Customized based on requirements.
  • Well, Structured Syllabus with essential modules.
  • Professional and Certified Trainers.
  • Offered for all peer groups.
  • Amble Speaking practices
  • Combination of Classes (Live session, Conversation calls, Chats)
  • Evaluation of current level language status.
  • Personality Advancement
  • Enhance the communication in studies, jobs, daily life, and entrepreneurship.
  • It permits to acquire beneficial knowledge.
  • It will bestow promising job opportunities.
  • It nourishes speaking practices.
  • It will create considerable changes in your studies.
  • Advance: 60 sessions (Basic grammar, Public speaking-advanced level)
    • 30 Live classes
    • 15 Conversation calls.
    • 5 Chats.
    • 5 Exercise.
    • 5 Tests.
  • Intermediate : 50 Sessions (Grammar- moderate level)
    • 20 Live classes
    • 15 Conversation calls
    • 5 Chats
    • 5 Exercise.
    • 5 Tests.
  • Basic : 35 Sessions:15 Live Classes
    • 15 Live classes
    • 5 Conversation calls
    • 5 Chats
    • 5 Exercise
    • 5 Tests