Our Key Features

Interval focuses largely upon the development and all-around advancement of students by providing individual care, attention, and personal mentor by the students learning potential. we believe in guiding individuals who lack the basic reading and writing skills and also those who require personal assistance to be more competitive. Our syllabus is designed according to the need of each student and is crafted after thorough research.We believe in the unanimity of learning, Learning that differs one from another.

A teacher for a student

Personalized tutor

Monthly Assessments and evaluation

One to one training

Counseling sessions

Individual attention and care

Learn With the Best

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The best ever service created in the field of education with the finest innovation over learning and processing – the world’s largest growing individual tuition concept.


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Why One-to-one Sessions?

One-to-one sessions ensure the students interact with the teacher individually so that each can learn and understand concepts at their own pace and in their own way and identify their full potential.

Combined with the Proven Teaching Methods for Easy Understanding & Technical Concepts.

Adequate Pace & Attention

Personalized Class & Learning

Easy Interaction & Communication

Effective for the Student

Stressfree Enviornment

Our Courses

We Provide The Best For Our Students



Students will undergo an assessment test.



 Evaluate and scrutinize the student’s proficiency in learning .


Course Selection

Guide them to the apt course based on their intellect.



Eradicate all their clashes and obstacles in learning and comprehending.

Why Foundation?

Interval is here to introduce the Foundation course which solves the lack of basic knowledge of a student in all aspects.

The course guarantees a complete result for the student. It accordingly alters the misled way of learning in a student and will make them ultimately capable of learning more effectively without much stress and strain.

counseling sessions

career guidance

personal mentor

curriculum based

The foundation course is all constructed in a way to clear all the problematic sides of learning and understanding. This course ensures the base of Students in all categories.


Hear from our valuable parents themselves.

A Teacher For a Student

We are here not just to teach, but to influence an entire generation. Our Online individual Tuitions will open up new doors for your child. We’ll turn the Mirrors into Windows!