Why Personal Tutor

Team Interval Has Answers. Every kid has his or her individual demand for tutoring. Your child can be a topper,mid-grade student, and lower-grade student in his or her class.
Still, also his or her demand will be more expert in his subject If your child is a crusher in the class or is on the list of top ten students.
Perhaps your kid is a middle-position student in the class, also he or she’ll bear to come to the topper or to be on the list of top ten scholars Maybe your kid is a lower-position student; also, his demand will have to go from middle-position student to top-position student in the class.
Piecemeal from this, the top- position student in their class may have problems in different subjects. This may affect its top position.
Utmost of the children are unable to ask about their problems in their class, or they can not judge what their problem is.
All such children need particular attention, which can deliver a perfect individual tutor.

How Do we Select The Right Tutor For Your Child?

Interval is an Individual Online Tuition concept. Here we offer, Best online individual tuition classes for K – 12 students. Our classes are taken according to the parent’s requirements and proper assessment with students. Assessment is based on the LSW skills of the student. Based on that assessment, our professional acquisition team will pick up the matching trainer profile from the trainer’s pool. After the selection procedure, a FREE demo class is provided for the students, so the parents can get a clear picture of how our classes work. We endorse the trainer based on the parent’s and student’s feedback.

Do you want to get your kid the best tutor who can help your kid to achieve his goal? Are you looking for the best quality education for your kid?

Personal Tutor

How to get a personal tutor



To collect the basic details of the student.



Assessment and Evaluation of the LSW skills of the student.


Course Package

Based on the assessment , suggesting the appropriate course package.


Trainer Pickup

As per the parents requirements , pickup the matching trainer profile from the trainer’s pool



Endorse trainer by conducting an online demo session with parent and student.