Crash Course

What is Crash Course?

Crash course is an exam-oriented course designed and developed to provide in-depth knowledge in each subject in a short period. It highly works as a process of revising and relearning for students which enhances and boosts their memorizing capability and will make them understand the important topics and areas. This highly makes the students eligible and confident in preparing for their exams in the future.

Key Features of Crash Course

  • Deep knowledge in each subject within a short period.
  • Cover all significant areas.
  • Continues practice of Worksheets/Exams.
  • Terminal Exams Solving.
  • Previous year Question papers discussions.

Class 10 : State, CBSE
Class 12 : State,Cbse (Science)
Class 12 : Commerce (State)


The duration of the course depends on each Subject and the Chapter opting in each Subject.