Junior Quality Auditor


At Team INTERVAL the role of Junior Quality Auditor is to work with Academics Department to deliver quality
service to ensure Academic excellence of the students. The JQA is responsible for Implementing and Maintaining
Quality standards of the services offered by the Company.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Any Stream
  • Superior Communication and Presentation skill
  • Extensive Evaluation and Analytical Skills
  • Resourceful personality with outstanding research skills
  • Proficiency in MS Office and Google Apps


  • Review Student Assessment Report from CRO
  • Conducting Academic Assessment Sessions for understanding Academic Standard of students.
  • Summaries Results from Assessments to drive Conclusions about Academic Performance
  • Preparation of Assessment reports based on the derived Conclusions
  • Assembling study materials, Question papers, modules, worksheets, Textbooks, syllabus and all other Materials required by CRO.
  • Generation of Academic Calendar to ensure their Compliance with Academic Service
  • Prepare Examination Calendar to make sure that all examinations are on track.
  • Design individual Academic Evaluation chart and Calendar
  • Attend Evaluation Sessions to verify quality standards
  • Develop Evaluation Reports based on the sessions
  • Customize Deliverables and materials as per the requirements assessed through evaluation session.
  • Timely submission of Assessment and Evaluation Reports to Senior Quality Auditor
  • Perform Additional Responsibilities as assigned